Our Wines ~ The Reds

Missouri boasts a diverse range in its red wines from big and bold to light and fruit-drenched. At Rolling Meadows, we produce two Missouri vintages.

All of our wines are estate grown, crushed, and bottled.

Norton Considered the oldest native North American grape, the Norton offers a bold, dry wine that is full of fruity flavor. The layered bouquet offers a depth similar to a Cabernet, with an inky richness hinted with cherry, elderberry, and a touch of spice. A tremendous compliment to steaks, rich cheeses, and tomato-base sauces. (Price $16-18)

Concord Famous for its classic sweetness and deep color, our Concord stands up as one of the best in Missouri. Light and fresh, it is a semi-sweet treat enjoyed with meats, spicy fare, or as an after-dinner sipping treat. (Price $8)