Ed and Claudia Staude began their vineyard with a purchase of 8 acres of Rolling Meadows farmland in 1999. However, Ed had been making wine and was surrounded by a rich heritage of vineyard tending since his childhood days in Southwest Michigan. There he learned how to grow and tend vines and also how to appreciate the value of time in making wines. 

While pursuing a teaching career, wines were still never far from Ed's interest. He made wine for his family and always surprised them with something special at holidays or special occasions. When given the opportunity to invest in land in Missouri, Ed decided to look for a spot to "grow a few grapes'. The result was Rolling Meadows which opened as a winery in November of 2006. Many of the techniques Ed uses today were handed down to him by his uncles and his grandfather, some of whom still grow grapes along the shores of Lake Michigan. Ed's commitment to hand-tended vines and steady patience in aging is something everyone who tastes his wines will appreciate.